ADOLF speaks AND sings:

ADOLF will talk about his favorite films, Krautfunding, screwed up Russian campaigns and will publish soon (in a world-exclusive only here and on this site!!!): four new remix versions of his internet hit: „I am sitting in my bonker“.

Adolf speaks

Adolf sings


Thomas Pigor - The Voice of ADOLF

His songs are „nasty and ingenious“ and walk a wonky chalk line between cynicism and crocodile-tour melancholy. For years singer Thomas Pigor and his compatriot Benedikt Eichhorn have been hailed as purveyors of acid-tongued German chanson and witty and quippy Cabaret. After performing as a duo for a longer time than Youtube remembers, in 2012 they exploded, rejuvenated with a whole band behind them. „Pigor is most likely the wittiest lyric poet, only parlour hip-hopper and satirist of the German chanson“ writes a German magazine. Thomas Pigor will lend his remarkable voice talents to the ADOLF Film and will also provide a number of songs for the soundtrack