ADOLF needs your money

Pre-order your film and get close with the Fuehrer

Your fate as a film consumer leads you to a situation where you only get to know about a Film when it is ready and showing up in cinemas. But wouldn’t it be fun to be there from day one? Exclusive Clips and Photos from the production of our animated feature ADOLF, news from the cutting room, reports from the first test screenings? And to have that info always before anyone else?

ADOLF-Online lets you participate and gives you access to the production process of the great Fuehrer-Film. And not only that: you can connect yourself with ADOLF forever by putting YOUR NAME in the credits of the film.
You can purchase three different film packages – each one gives you different perks:

  • The smallest film package gives you the opportunity to pre-order the ADOLF-Film. You will get exclusive information during the production and once it is finished and ready – an online code to download the movie as Video on Demand. You can watch it as often, as you like!
  • Or you want have your name in the credits together with all the other Adolf Fans, who have purchased this package: then you must order the second package. You can also give this gift to a friend. Of course the perks from the first package including the download are included in this package as well. Fun Fact: we will print your name in any language you want: our system recognizes all Asian languages, Hebrew, Cyrillic, and Arabic! And of course all other languages. So if you want to give this gift to friend anywhere in the world you can do that and will get a nicely designed Email-certificate that you can give to our friend if it is a gift. So give the gift of ADOLF to yourself or to a friend today!
  • Alternatively, you can choose the XL-package: included are all the perks in the above two packages including your name in the credits but you will also get a nicely designed DVD/Blu-ray Disc including all the Bonus Material with your name in the credits AND a beautifully designed original ADOLF-Figurine that you can not buy anywhere else and that will be a limited edition only!

There is one condition though to make ADOLF the film happen for all of us: within a ninety-day period, we need to have a minimum amount of people that support our film. To make that happen, we need YOUR HELP: Tell all your friends about ADOLF. Because once the deadline is passed we cant take any more orders, and ADOLFS campaign will end - and the production begin!

Be a part of ADOLFS campaign to conquer the film world!

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a new way to finance social or artistic projects through the power of the internet. It works by utilizing the „group buying“ mechanism: a large number of people pre-order the product, like the ADOLF-Film in our instance. It’s like a reservation for a book that you’ve paid for in advance and the book is being written and published only after your order. This is precisely what we do with ADOLF: whoever wants to make sure that the ADOLF-Film gets made orders his copy of the film in advance and once its published gets his copy delivered as a download.

The difference to the usual way of filmmaking is that normally the producers make the film and sell it afterwards to the fans. With ADOLF it is the other way around: we’re selling you the film first and then we produce the movie to deliver it to you, our fans and customers. You can call it tailor-made film-production, if you will. And if we cant get the movie made for whatever reasons you will get your money back.

Why Crowdfunding?

With your help we want to collect as many pre-orders of the ADOLF-Film as possible, so that we can work as independently as is necessary to deliver the cut-throat humor that you as our fans expect from an ADOLF-Film by Walter Moers and his team. The more support we get from you through pre-orders, the easier it will be for us to make the perfect ADOLF-Movie for your viewing pleasure.

You’ll probably want to know how much it costs to make an animated film like ADOLF: Big Budget US Animation Films are very expensive. To do something similar in Europe can be done for roughly 10 million Euros. Think about it: to do such a project you need about one hundred people to work full time on it for two years. A ninety-minute film has 5400 seconds. Every second of animation costs about 1600 Euros. That’s how complicated and costly it is to make a professional animated film like ADOLF. So: we need 160 people per second of animated film to pre-order ADOLF for 9.99 to get it done.