Questions? Here are our FAQs:

Surely you will have many questions. Some of the more frequent ones and their answers can be found here and we hope they are helpful. Have more questions? We’ll answer everything. Please email us at support@adolf-online.com

What is Adolf-online.com?

Adolf-online.com offers an exclusive access to the production process of the ADOLF movie. You will be best-informed about filming and the entire production by the producers and you also will get exclusive behind the scenes content. And to top it all off: You can be connected to the ADOLF project for all time – with your credit in the movie! In addition to that you also can secure your video on demand of ADOLF at an early stage.

Whats the deal on Adolf-online.com?

On ADOLF-online.com you have the choice between seven movie-packages which build on one another: that means, that the advantages of the smaller package are included in the bigger one!

  • The small package offers you the possibility to pre-order the movie right now for only € 9,99. Furthermore you will get exclusive behind the scenes material and current news about the ADOLF film project and also the finished movie as a download. (Delivery in autumn 2014).
  • With the large movie–package for € 19,99 you will get the exclusive content as well as a credit in the movie in all VOD- and DVD/BD-versions AND the download of the movie. Connect yourself with your favourite movie for all time! Of course your credit will be named with all the other buyers of the large movie-package of ADOLF (Delivery in autumn 2014).
  • Alternatively, you can choose the XL-package for €49.99: included are all the perks in the above two packages including your name in the credits but you will also get a nicely designed DVD/Blu-ray Disc including all the Bonus Material with your name in the credits AND a beautifully designed original ADOLF-Figurine that you can not buy anywhere else and that will be a limited edition only! (Delivery in autumn 2014).
  • Film package 4 corresponds to film package 3, but instead of the ADOLF-figure you’ll receive an original BLONDI-figure, which is not available in ordinary stores as well. (Delivery in autumn 2014).
  • The film package 5 combines the packages 3 & 4 and goes a step further with integrating the ADOLF rubber duck. You’ll receive the original ADOLF & BLONDI figures in a set and the unique ADOLF rubber duck for completing your ADOLF collection. (Delivery in autumn 2014).
  • Film Package 6 is based on the film package 5 and contains additional the “Adolf braucht dein Geld” poster as high-quality DIN A 1 print, signed by Walter Moers. (Delivery in autumn 2014).
  • Package 7 is based on the film package 5 and contains additional an high-quality DIN A 3 silk-screen printing with ADOLF storyboard theme, signed by Walter Moers. (Delivery in autumn 2014).
  • The company film package 1 is based on the film package 5 and provides the opportunity to place a logo in the film credits in all download and DVD/BD versions to entities, projects and freelancers! (Delivery in autumn 2014).
  • The company film package 2 is based on the film package 5 and provides the opportunity to place a logo in the opening credits of the film in all download and DVD/BD versions to entities, projects and freelancers! (Delivery in autumn 2014).
  • The company film package 3 is based on the film package 5 and provides the opportunity to place a logo in the film credits in the theatrical release and in all download and DVD/BD versions to entities, projects and freelancers! (Delivery in autumn 2014).

What happens when victory can not be achieved?

Normally a film gets financed by many different partners: films studios, TV-Networks and subsidies for the film industry. The filmmakers try to get these partners on board early on. With ADOLF we want turn that process around and get our fans and supporters on the wagon much earlier than anyone else: with your help we want to get as many pre-orders of the ADOLF-FILM as possible, so that we can work as independently as possible. The more support we get from you, the more perfect our ADOLF Movie will become. We are dreaming of a million pre-orders, because with those we could produce the movie completely independent.

If we don’t reach our goal and our army of supporters is smaller, it will still be much easier for us to get the other partners on board. Therefore we need your help! If you want to help ADOLF to gain victory, spread the word and tell all of your friends! If there are enough fans to produce the movie, but any other unpredictable events prevents us from producing the movie, the charges will be reversed and you will get your money back completely.

How do I buy a deal?

You want to be a part of the ADOLF-movie? GREAT! Now you only have to choose one of three packages. Every package contents different advantages which build on one another, exclusive behind the scenes content, credits and video-on-demand-downloads and your credit in the finished Film including (in the large package) your own DVD/Blu-ray Disc and a beautifully designed ADOLF Figurine which you can not buy anywhere else. From your choice of package you will be guided to the checkout process, where you can pay easily by credit-card or Paypal or bank transfer.

If I buy into ADOLF, when will I be charged?

Your credit card or your Paypal-account will be charged immediately when you buy a package.

If I buy into ADOLF, what informations does the moviemaker receive?

Moviemakers only receive the name you’ve given for the credits at the end of the movie and your Email-Adress to send you the download-code NOT your payment Information.

Do I get notified if ADOLF succeeds?

We’ll send you two emails: firstly, one as a purchase confirmation, secondly, one when the project is ready.

Can I pay with a cheque? Send cash by mail?

Sorry, ADOLF-online only supports credit card payments or Paypal or bank transfers.

Can I cancel an order?

Of course. You can cancel an order fourteen days after we’ve sent you the notification that the project has been successfully funded..

What are behind the scenes update?

You will be informed regularly about news, interesting background info and most current gossip via texts and videos directly by the ADOLF moviemakers, straight from the set, the production or cutting room. To make sure, you don’t miss any, we will notify you every time. Moreover lots of raffles will be held, where you can win tickets for the opening premiere or other goodies for example.

Do I have to put my own name in the credits?

No, but we only allow real names. If you enter another person’s name, please make sure you have their consent. Fantasy names are not allowed. Please mark in case of a gift, so that we can send you a beautiful certificate, which you can hand out to the person you are giving it to.

Do you check the name in the credit?

Yes, and Adolf-online.com retains the right not to include it in the credits, for example when fantasy names are used or in case of including political, religious and morally offensiveness or decency infringements.

Where will my credit be displayed?

Your credit will be included in the digital download and DVD/BD version of the movie and also in the cinemas, but not on TV-Screen, because the TV-Networks shorten the credit section.

How long will it take until ADOLF comes to cinemas across Europe?

We expect that ADOLF conquers Europe in autumn 2014.

When do I get the download-code and where can I download the movie?

You will get your personal download-code via email, as soon as the movie is available as download. Within the same email you will also get the information,which platform provides your download.

How can I contact ADOLF-online.com?

There’s a „Contact“ button at the bottom of each page.