Adolf - He's back!

An animated feature film based on the legendary ADOLF-Comic Books by renowned author Walter Moers

The story of the Comic-Books

After years of hiding in the underground, ADOLF returns und gets his second chance. „I’m bäck!“, he declares and embarks on an adventure of modern times: he kills his tamagotchi and the revived Hermine (formerly Herrmann) Goering, he meets Mother Teresa and aliens, he buys the Eiffel Tower and destroys Hiroshima, he gets addicted to smoking Crack and finally solves the mystery of the corn-circle signs. He becomes a Zen-Buddhist, plays Monopoly, he takes the Pepsi-Challenge and in the end he has to make a tough decision: should he save Humanity or destroy it?

The story of ADOLF – Internet Phenomenon and the future film

A few years ago, Walter Moers and Producer David Groenewold have produced the animated Clip „ADOLF – I’m sitting in my bonker“. We stopped counting in 2008 but by then more than 22 million people had watched that clip on the internet. Millions of people were fascinated and laughed out loud and the fans went positively mad: „This is like Toy Story only with Nazis!“.

Now Walter Moers has written a storyboard and script for a full-length feature film based on his legendary comics and he and David want to produce a full feature movie.